Certificate III in Fitness

Fitness, health and maintaining a healthy routine consisting of daily exercise and a healthy diet is increasingly becoming a central focus in people's lives. By studying the Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30310), the nationally recognised and accredited fitness course which employers usually require for you to work as a gym instructor or fitness-related role, you'll have the opportunity to work in a vibrant, fun and flexible profession which has boomed in recent years and will continue to grow in years to come.

Within your Cert III in Fitness, you'll essentially learn how to apply exercise sciences to exercise instruction, develop fitness plans for your clients and customise them based on each individuals' needs. You'll also learn fundamental business practices, leadership skills and how to effectively interact with staff to ensure a better flow of communication, better working environment, more profitable outcome and also ensure a best possible service is provided to your clients.

You're able to study your Certificate III in Fitness online or by correspondence which will give you a lot of flexibility while you're studying. By studying online or by correspondence (with distance education), you're able to continue earning your normal income while studying, study from home at your own pace with the constant support of a tutor that you can contact whenever you need help.

The Certificate III in Fitness is a Centrelink Approved course meaning you should be able to claim at least one of several study benefits when you enrol in your Cert III.

After you complete your Fitness Certificate III, you're able to then go on and study the Cert IV which will enable you to become a personal trainer. The Certificate IV is the nationally accredited personal training course that is designed for you to expand your skills from working as a general gym instructor to becoming a personal trainer which will give you more career opportunities.


Certificate III in Fitness, SIS30310

Course Code: SIS30310

Qualification: Certificate III in Fitness

Accreditation: This is a nationally recognised, government-accredited fitness course

Study time: Approx. 12 months (depending on your method of study and selected term)

Study method: Online or by Correspondence (Post) or on Campus

Prerequisites / Requirements: There are no requirements to study this course

Enrolment dates: By studying online, you can enrol and start now!

Study Support: When you study online, you have private phone and email tutoring support whenever you need help

Financial Support: This Course is Centrelink approved and you may be eligible to receive ongoing study support benefits while you study this course from home. If you are a single parent, on a carers pension, disability pension and several others, you should be eligible for the pension education supplement. You should also ask Centrelink about the Education Entry Payment and the Temporary Supplement to Education Entry Payment ($1158 combined, as an upfront payment). If you're on NewStart Allowance, you should be able to claim the Education Entry Payment and the Temporary Supplement. To find out if you're eligible for Centrelink payments, call 13 24 90 and ask about the above payments.

Course outline:
14 theory units, work placement (to gain your hands-on training) and your first aid certificate

Pathways to further study: After completing the Certificate III in Fitness, you can go on to study your: Certificate IV in Fitness

Cricos Approved: Yes, international students may study this course

Austudy Approved: Yes, Certificate III in Fitness is Centrelink 'Austudy' approved

You will benefit from this course if you are:

- Studying to become a fitness instructor or gym instructor
- Looking to become a personal trainer (meaning you need to start with your Certificate III and then complete your Certificate IV afterwards)
- Looking to start your own business in a fitness-related area
- Wanting to educate yourself on how to most effectively exercise and develop an effective fitness routine

Certificate III in Fitness Subjects:

Interact effectively with children
Instruct water familiarisation, buoyancy and mobility skills
Provide fitness orientation and health screening
Provide quality service in the fitness industry
Develop and apply an awareness of specific populations to exercise delivery
Instruct and monitor fitness programs
Apply anatomy and physiology principles in a fitness context
Provide healthy eating information to clients in accordance with recommended guidelines 
Undertake client health assessment
Plan and deliver gym programs
Plan and deliver group exercise sessions
Plan and deliver water based fitness activities
Deliver approved community fitness programs
Plan and deliver an endurance training program
Plan and deliver exercise to apparently healthy children and adolescents
Plan and deliver exercise to older clients with managed conditions
Facilitate groups
Maintain sport and recreation equipment for activities
Work effectively in sport and recreation environments
Process entry transactions
Follow occupational health and safety policies
Undertake risk analysis of activities
Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
Apply first aid

Certificate III in Fitness FAQ's:

-I didn't finish high school and have no qualifications, can I study this fitness / personal trainer course?

Yes, there are no pre-requisites / requirements to study this course. By studying online, you can enrol and begin this course today.

-If I study this fitness / personal trainer course online, do I receive the exact same qualification that I would receive if I studied on campus?

Yes, you will receive the exact same qualification regardless of how you study it.

-How long do I have to finish this fitness course when I study online or via correspondence?

Usually up to 24 months, depending on which course provider you study with. You are usually able to apply for extension if you have a valid reason why you weren't able to finish it within the specified time-frame.

-Are there exams?

If you study your Certificate III in Fitness online or by correspondence (with distance education), you won't need to do any exams. You will be required to submit assessments and complete 'work placement' assessments.

Course information on the above Cert 3 Fitness is current and has been recently updated in October, 2012).

study certificate III in fitness online or by correspondence